American Aberdeen Breed Standards for Fullblood cattle.

Aberdeen cattle are a selected strain of Aberdeen Angus cattle bred for many
generations for smaller stature, roughage conversion, and efficiency of red
meat production. All Fullblood cattle trace directly to the foundation herd
in Australia.

Mature Aberdeen bulls will generally fall into a range of 40-48 inches
measured at the shoulder and weight from 900-1500 pounds. Mature cows
should measure from 38-46 inches and weigh between 700-1100 pounds.
Certain individuals will fall outside of these parameters. Judgment
should be made on quality and confirmation rather than size.

The most discriminating feature of the head should be a well-defined prominent
poll. The eyes are large and prominent. Females should show no coarseness
about the head, which should be angular, of moderate length with a broad
forehead. Jaws should be clean and the throatlatch free of excessive skin.
Ears should not droop, be of medium size and fully haired. Often the
face of both sexes will have a slight dish.

The neck should be smooth, of moderate length and blend smoothly at the top
of the shoulders. The dewlap should be of modest size with a full brisket
in finished cattle.

The top line of an Aberdeen should be straight and long. The fore rib should
be well sprung with fullness beneath the crops. There should be depth of
both front and rear flank and the barrel should be deep and uniform from
end to end. Width should be carried from front to rear and the loin should
be long and deep with adequate length from the hooks to the pins. The rump
should be well muscled in the lower round and stifle.

The Aberdeen should stand squarely on sound feet and legs of modest length.
The rear leg should have a slight angle at the hock when viewed from the side.
The feet should be relatively round, have an adequate depth of heel and
uniform length of toes. Knees and hocks should be smooth and clean with
feet pointing forward. Aberdeens should have freedom of movement and
length of stride.

Aberdeens are predominantly black in color, however, a red gene(e) and a wild
allele (E+) expressing red color have been identified in the breed. Red
cattle are accepted for registration. White markings on the underline are not
uncommon but should be restricted to the area behind the navel.

Bulls should show masculinity, libido and adequate scrotal development.
The mature bull should possess masculinity about head and neck without
coarseness of shoulder. The sheath should be trim and free from excess
skin showing a retracted prepuce. A white scrotum on bulls is not desirable.

Females should be feminine, showing longevity with a well-balanced
level udder and small teat size.
Both sexes should be docile and easy to handle.

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