to The Anderson
LT Chicken Coop

A variety of breeds of chickens.

When we had our Hobby farm in
Louisburg, we raised Barred Rocks
and Buff Orpingtons. We then got
some crossbred bantams, and one of our
brooder hens produced some pretty
roosters from those bantams.

We then got some Cinnamon Queens
that proved to be reliable egg producers.
Our chickens disappeared slowly, one
at a time before we realized how many
disappeared. We realized an opossum
had been killing them.
Unfortunately we were free grazing
them, and they were not roosting at
night in the Coop we had made for
them. First lesson learned too late.
We moved to our farm in DeSoto, and
had our grandson, Nicolae raise some
pullets for us. We had about 40. They
were doing great, but we had them
living in our barn, never thought about
preditors getting to them.. sadly, one
night last summer, a family of 5 foxes
got into the barn and destroyed the
whole flock except for 2 hens, the old
Rhode Island Red mother hen and a
nice Buff Orpington. We put them in a
large cage, and put together a coop
with covered yard. We think we are now
ready to try again. At this moment we
have Nicolae's Black Cochin and our
two remaining hens.
We have ordered 8 breeds of chickens.
We pick the chicks up on March 4th in
Our plan is to raise chickens from all 8
breeds, and have enough eggs to share
with our local family and sell to pay for
their feed. Terry's favorites are the buff
Orpingtons, my favorite are Barred Rocks.

If we do not succeed at raising the Jumbo Cornish cross, we are going to get a few Silver laced Wyandotte hens and breed them with a Cornish Rooster to develop our own meat breed we will call the LT Cornish Wyandotte.