LT Ram Flock Sires

Our LT Livestock Rams



Ramsay is our main Flock Sire.
We have coined the name
"Bootylicious "
to describe him. His lambs always have
a tremendously nice hind quarter. They
are thick, deep and level over the top
with nice clean fronts,
and good solid straight legs.
The ewes are extremely feminine,
and the rams very masculine.
The wethers he sires have proven to
have very lean, tender,
mild flavored meat.
To see the ewes going into his
November 2021- January 1, 2022
breeding pen click on this link:
Visit Ramsay'Breeding Pen
His 2021 ewe lambs were all sold
except one; Koreen, out of Irene.
She is my special baby we are keeping.
We also kept a ram lamb, Keefer,
out of a ewe we purchased from
Diane Spisak.
He will replace Ramsay when he retires.


Kamdyn was purchased from
Jody Fuller out of South Dakota.
Kamdyn has won several champion
awards at the Dakota state fairs.
We used him on our ewes the last few
years and have some nice ewes sired by
Kamdyn. He is a really beautiful ram.
We really like our ewe lambs out of him.
They are exactly what we want in a ewe.
We have actually sold most of his ram
lambs, but do have a few ewes.
He is Addie Sue's ram.
Visit Kamdyn'Breeding Pen


We sold our Black sire Jacob, and
bought a nice little ram called Drake.
He will be servicing all but one of our
black ewes. I think we will be very
pleased with his lambs.
We got Drake from Jolyn Meehan,
bred by Top of the Town Downs.

Visit Drake's Breeding Pen

We are really pleased with how Keefer
is growing out. We are going to let him
have a ewe lamb this year.
He really acts anxious to start work. . .

Visit Keeefer's Breeding Pen

We purchased back Caedmon's
Hamish to use as our black flock sire.
Drake will be available to purchase in January, 2022.


Hamish is out of Caedmon's ewe, Faleen.

His sire is Ramsay. We put him in with
a couple young ewes in 2018.
We decided to keep a ewe lamb
out of Buffie and sired by him.
He has a lot of length, and is a super nice, showy ram.
We really like this RR ram and look
forward to his return. We plan to
keep him permanently for our black flock.
We will get some new pictures of him when he gets home.
He has matured and thickened us a Great deal since these pictures.

Our progress is seen in our
ShowFest Champion Flock.



Rob Roy was our foundation ram.
He is still alive and working in Indiana.
I loved this old guy.
I would never have sold him if our farm
could handle more new unrelated ewes
I think we have his blood in almost all of our flock.


we got "Freddie" from Michele Harland.
We used him on some young ewes his first year,
and then again he sired a few of our 2019 lambs.
A good, solid ram, he is the ram
used in our ShowFest champion flock.
He recentlySOLD and lives in Arkansas.
We had hoped to get Freddie back, we might try to get him back from his newest owners. . .
We would like to use him on our
ewes sired by Ramsay and grand sired
by Kamdyn, and also our ewes sired by
Kamdyn and grand sired by Ramsay.


We introduced a new ram for
our black flock fall of 2020.
We got him from Gail Donkers.
We kept three of his black
2021 ewe lambs.
They are the grandaughter's ewes,
Kippen belongs to Caithness,
Kelsey belongs to Moriah,
and Kinsley is Aberdeen's ewe.
We sold Jacob to a family near Rolla, Missouri.

This black ram out of Doreen, sired by
Ramsay is a really solid ram that I
liked more and more as he matured.
We used him on a few of our young
ewes one season. He sold to a
couple who are really living him.
We sold him only for because
most of our flock are related to him.
He has an excellent disposition, the
grandkids all loved him. We miss him.


This nice young registered Standard Southdown ram
was in with our crossbred ewe flock last November.
We got him from South Dakota.
Because we sold our crossbred flock, Fergie Boy was sold. Visit Hamish's Breeding Pen


William Wallace was our second ram.
We still have a few ewes sired by him.
He died from barberpole/bottlejaw.


Probably my all around favorite ram was Rex.
We got him to replace William Wallace.
He met with a horrible accident, and died too soon.
We have some beautiful ewes sired by Rex.


We traded a nice ewe, Darcy to Mary Blide for Barney.
We called him our "new old ram"
We have several very pretty,
well put together ewes sired by Barney.
He lived his final two retirement years on our farm,
a gentle spirit who just loved everyone.
We are pleased with the genetics
he brought to our flock.

We register our sheep exclusively with the
North American Babydoll Southdown
Sheep Association and Registry