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Dorothy Eileen and her husband,
Walter Chester Ferguson, Jr.

Our mother was born May 4, 1925 in Cheyenne Wyoming.
Her mother's attending physician was Dr Johnson.
She was given the beautiful name, Dorothy Eileen Salsbury.
She had pale blond hair and beautiful smokey blue eyes.
She was born with an almost red head complexion.
As she grew older, her hair turned to a beautiful golden blond.
She grew up in Cheyenne, moving many times in her childhood.
Her parents were Mary Louise Hoffer Salsbury,
and John Henry Salsbury, Sr.

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Our father was born on February 23, 1924. He was named
Walter Chester Ferguson, Jr after his father.
His mother was Julia B Willadsen He also had beautiful,
twinkling blue eyes, but his blond hair soon turned
to a dark brown, nearly black. His complexion was very
light as well.
Walter lived in the same house on the ranch 20 mile west
of Cheyenne, until he was 18 years old.
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Grandchildren have written about their memories.

From Marylou

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AKA "Pappa and Zamma"or'GRAMMA" OR "GiGi " to the grandkids