Check out our flock ewes!
These gals lambed
in April and May.

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2021 lambs,
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We should have a variety of ewes, rams and wethers
in both black and off white.


Caramel was bred to LT Ramsay
Caramel had a beautiful
little ewe lamb,
"LT's Joy"
SOLD to Joseph Charland.
Caramel will be bred back to Ramsay this next season.

Cheddar was bred to LT Ramsay
Cheddar and Ramsay make beautiful babies,
so she will be going back with him this fall.

Faleen was bred to LT Ramsay
Faleen had a beautiful little black ewe lamb.
Caedmon named her Jill.
Jill is not for sale.
Both Faleen and Jill will be bred to Jacob.

Gillian was bred to LT Ramsay
She had a nice ewe lamb.
"LT's Jamesina"
She is a pretty ewe,
well made; thick and chunky
and definitely Bootylicious.
Gillian will definitely be put back in with Ramsay next fall.
Jamesina was SOLD to Joseph Charland.

Our Missy Heather
was bred to Kamdyn
Heather had a ram lamb,
"LT's King John"
we are calling him "Johny"
He is a nice, heavy legged thick made ram.

This ram, along with our black ram, Hamish will be heading south this next week. He was purchased by the Millers.
Heather will be back in the breeding pen with Kamdyn this fall.

Mary, Queen of Scots
was bred to LT Ramsay
Mary has an extremely thick,
long bodied ram lamb.
"LT's King James"
He is also known as Jimmy.
He has that
"Bootylicious" hind quarter,
and will probably have an amazing fleece as well.
KING JAMES HAS BEEN SOLD and is already making best friends with the Hagars!
THANKS Angie Hagar.
Mary will be reunited with Ramsay this fall.

Irene was bred to LT Ramsay
Irene has a nice showy ram lamb.
Asher has named him
LT's Pepper Jack
We sold him to the Roetheli Family in Missouri. He is already living on his new farm.
Irene will be bred to LT Ramsay for her 2021 lamb(s)

Buffie was bred to LT Hamish
She has an amazingly beautiful coal black ewe lamb.
LT's Jolene is now Isaiah's ewe. .
we will breed both Buffie and Jolene to our new black ram, Jacob.

Haupia was bred to Kamdyn
Haupia has a super nice, thick made,
feminine ewe lamb
"LT's Jody"
SOLD to Joseph Charland
Haupia will be bred back to Kamdyn this next time.

Heidi was bred to Kamdyn
On May 1, 2020, Heidi had a ram lamb,
He was SOLD to Joseph Charland
We are so happy with the result of this mating, that Heidi will be bred back to Kamdyn this next season.

Hattie Mae had a beautiful ewe lamb, LT Jena.
She is sired by LT Ramsay
Jena has moved to Arkansas with the Morris family.
Hattie Mae will be bred back to Ramsay this next fall.

Iris will be bred to LT Ramsay for a 2021 lamb.

Iyleen was bred to Kamdyn.
She had a cute tiny lamb that will be heading to live at the Hutchison Family on August 15.
Iyleen will be mated with Jacob this fall.

Iola was exposed to LT Hamish
Iola was SOLD.

Iona will be bred to our new ram, Jacob this next season. Looking forward to beautiful black lamb(s)

Cocoa will also be bred to Jacob.

Isabell had a lamb sired by LT Harvy
He is a nice black lamb that we have castrated for our personal use.
We plan to breed Isabell to LT Ramsay this next year.

Helen was bred to Fergie Boy
Helen has twin ewe lambs.
LT's Judith and LT's Jazmin.
They are sired by our standard Southdown ram Fergie Boy.
They are beautiful girls.
These twins, will be heading to Versailles, MO to the Hutchinson Family.
Helen is also moving to the Hutchison Family August 15th.

We have purchased 3 ewes for replacements. One ewe lamb,

from Michelle Harland that Micaiah named June, and has laid claim to, and two ewes from Diane Spisak that we will be picking up end of August. We will be putting June in with Ramsay. Not sure yet who we will put the Kansas ewes in with.

OUR EWES WHO died this year: We know this happens with the older ewes, but these four were four of my all time favorites.
These four went above and beyond the call of duty, giving us outstanding lambs, (usually twins) year after year after year.
Saute was bred to LT Ramsay
She had super nice
twin ram lamb that we sold.
"LT Colby Jack"
Jack is thick, and will have that
"Bootylicious" hind quarter,
which he will carry on to his flock.
Saute died in her sleep in August, 2020. She was a super good ewe that produced numerous ewes and rams. She belonged to Asher who loved her and showed her at fairs up into her senior years.
Doreen was bred to LT Ramsay
It is with heavy hearts, we have to tell folks
that Doreen has passed. She was co-owned with our grandson Abram. Who asked me to get him a t-shirt with a picture of her for his birthday.

Anne saddly died in early June. She was among my favorites. She belonged to our grandson Isaiah.

CARLYN suddenly died in May. She was also among my favorites. She belonged to our grandson Noah.

We register our sheep exclusively with the
North American Babydoll Southdown
Sheep Association and Registry

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