Check out our flock ewes!
These gals are lambing now,
in April and May.
I will try to update the information daily.

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We should have a variety of ewes, rams and wethers in both black and off white.

Doreen was bred to LT Ramsay
It is with heavy hearts, we have to tell folks that Doreen has passed.
Her last lamb is a beautiful twin ewe lamb, "LT's Second Doreen"
She is NOT for sale.
Second Doreen will be a fabulous addition to our flock. She belongs to our junior shepherd, Abram.

Leonie Mae has been on vacation.
We thought she needed a break.
She will not be having a lamb this year.

Irene was bred to LT Ramsay
Irene has a nice showy ram lamb.
Asher has named him
LT's Pepper Jack

Anne was exposed to LT Hamish

Buffie was bred to LT Hamish
She has an amazingly beautiful coal black ewe lamb.
LT's Jolene she is available.

Caramel was bred to LT Ramsay
Caramel has a beautiful
little ewe lamb,
"LT's Joy"
SOLD to Joseph Charland.

Saute was bred to LT Ramsay
She has super nice
twin ram lamb available.
"LT Colby Jack"
Jack is thick, and will have that
"Bootylicious" hind quarter,
which he will carry on to your flock.
Don't miss out! He is available for purchase.

Cheddar was bred to LT Ramsay

saddly, Cheddar accidentally laid on and killed her beautiful ewe lamb.

Faleen was bred to LT Ramsay
Faleen had a beautiful little black ewe lamb.
Caedmon named her Jill.
She is not for sale.

Gillian was bred to LT Ramsay
She had a nice ewe lamb.
"LT's Jamesina"
She is a pretty ewe,
well made; thick and chunky
and definitely Bootylicious.
SOLD to Joseph Charland.

Our Missy Heather
was bred to Kamdyn
Heather has a ram lamb,
"LT's King John"
we are calling him "Johny"
He is a nice, heavy legged thick made ram.
Available for you to purchase.

Mary, Queen of Scots
was bred to LT Ramsay
Mary has an extremely thick,
long bodied ram lamb.
"LT's King James"
He is also known as Jimmy.
He has that
"Bootylicious" hind quarter,
and will probably have an amazing fleece as well.
THANKS Angie Hagar.

Haupia was bred to Kamdyn
Haupia has a super nice, thick made,
feminine ewe lamb
"LT's Jody"
SOLD to Joseph Charland

Heidi was bred to Kamdyn
On May 1, 2020, Heidi had a ram lamb,
"LT Jorvin"
LT Jelly is available for you to purchase

Hattie Mae was exposed to LT Ramsay

Iris was exposed to LT Harvy

Iyleen was exposed to Kamdyn.

Iola was exposed to LT Hamish
Iola is SOLD.

Iona was exposed to LT Harvy

Cocoa was exposed to LT Harvy

Isabell was exposed to LT Harvy
She had a ram lamb, LT Jam

Helen was bred to Fergie Boy
Helen has twin ewe lambs.
LT's Judith and LT's Jazmin.
They are sired by our standard Southdown ram Fergie Boy.
They are beautiful girls.
Both will make awesome brood ewes for your club lambs.
These twins, if not sold,
will be the foundation ewes for our Heritage Southdown Flock.
They will bring that super thick, amazingly "Bootylicious " leg
and top of the line style to any flock.

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