Check out our flock ewes!
These gals will be lambing
in April and May, 2022.
The lambs will be ready to leave in June.

If you would like to be put on our buyer's list for
2022 lambs, you can email us by clicking here:


We should have a variety of
ewes, rams and wethers
in both black and off white.


Caramel is Noah's ewe.
She is the ewe featured in our logo.
She is being bred to LT Ramsay
She has had some beautiful lambs
if you are interested in a lamb out of Caramel
let us know.

Faleen was born a shiny dark
black... she has turned almost white
over the years. Shebelongs to grandson, Caedmon.
She is being bred to Drake this year
and usually has beautiful little black lambs.
Any ram lambs will be available.

Jill looks more like her dam, Faleen every year.
She is being bred to Drake. Ram lambs will be available.

Mary, Queen of Scots
is bred to LT Ramsay

Her lambs usually have beautiful wool,
and have super nice conformation!
Mary's lambs are always pretty.
If you are interested in wool, her lambs
might just be what you are looking for.
Let us know if you want a Mary lamb!

Irene is being bred to LT Ramsay
Irene has nice showy lambs every year.
We kept her 2021 ewe lamb, Koreen as a
replacement ewe for our own flock.

Her lambs are always beautiful.

Buffy is being bred to Drake.
She always has amazingly beautiful
coal black sets of lambs.

Jolene is Isaiah's ewe. She was a
replacement ewe we kept . . .
She is being bred to Drake.
let us know if you are interested in
either Buffie or Jolene's lambs.

Haupia also belongs to our grandson Noah.
She is bred to Kamdyn each year
and has super nice, thick made lambs
She and her lambs are showy and great
prospects for the showring.
If you might want a Haupia lamb,
just send us an email request.

Hattie Mae went back to Ramsay's breeding pen this year.
Her 2021 ram lamb, Keefer will be kept for our breeding program
unless he sells for $800 to someone.
If you would like to buy a 2022 lamb out of
Hattie Mae, just email us and let us know.

Iyleen belongs to our grandson, Nicolae.
Iyleen is being bred to Drake.
I promised Nicolae we will keep a ewe lamb
out of her, but if she has a ram lamb,
he will be offered for sale.
This ewe has a beautiful front and
stands like she was trained to set up.
She is a natural beauty.

Iona belongs to our grandaughter, Caithness.
She was bred to our new ram, Jacob this season.
She had a beautiful black ewe lamb Nessie
named Kippen.
Iona is being bred to Drake and
any ram lambs from her
possibly a ewe lamb will be available for purchase.

Cocoa belongs to our grandson, Nehemiah.
She is also being bred to Drake,
any ram lambs and possibly a ewe lamb
will be up for sale.

This is June. Micaiah will keep a ewe lamb out
of June, sired by Ramsay, but any ram
lambs and second ewe lamb will be up for
grabs. This is a nice solid ewe.

Valry has gone in with Kamdyn this year.
Her lambs will be available to buy.

We put Glenna back in with Kamdyn
this year. Her lambs will be available to buy.
Currious to see if these two off white sheep will have a black lamb againn this year.

picture coming soon
Kelsey is Moriah's lamb. She will go
in with Drake. Her ram lambs
will be available.

Kippen is Caithness's ewe she
has gone in with Keefer. Her lamb will be
available for purchase.

Kinsley is Aberdeen's ewe. She has been
put in with Keefer. Any ram lambs and
possibly a ewe will be available.

Ewes we have recently sold along with
a testimony on how God works on our farm:

This cute and extremely wonderful ewe, that has a fabulous personality and exceptional conformation is probably among my 5 most favorite sheep. That is just to let you know how much I loved her. And here is a testimony concerning Cheddar.


On September 26, while talking to God,I told Him I knew I needed to just let go. I asked Him if He could just do me a
favor and let them go just one at a time. I prayed that He take over. Shortly after that little talk, Terry read me a text he got on his phone. It said,
"Hello, I am Sam Portter and and I'm driving through Missouri to pick up a couple of Babydoll ewes and now headed to Kansas City.
I was told that you were considering selling your flock of Babydoll sheep or some of them. I'd like to stop by to see them if possible. I live in Oklahoma City. My wife and I are just now leaving Benton, Missouri, and will be coming through your area in a couple hours. Please let me know if we could stop for a brief visit and see your sheep.
Sam Porter"
Well, that was quick, and God said, "offer Cheddar" So. I did when they got here.
Now, you all know how much I love Cheddar, but you gotta do what God tells you to do. We went back to the little pasture. Terry poured grain in their trough and they came on the run.
I pointed out Cheddar and told him I could sell her today.
He liked her, and even more when he saw how perfectly she leads.
so, they loaded my sweet girl into the pen in his pickup bed and she is headed to Oklahoma. We prayed together before they drove off, and now we have some new friends in Christ, and Cheddar will be loved I am sure.
And friends, sometimes that is just how quickly God works.
Cheddar and Ramsay made beautiful babies. She will be missed!

Iris is a beautiful ewe, and we sold her to
some young farmers in Missouri.
Looking forward to seeing pictures
of her lambs in the future.

OUR EWES WHO died in past years:

We know this happens with the older ewes, but these were four of my all time favorites. It hurt even more to loose my favorites all within a year.
These four went above and beyond the call of duty, giving us outstanding lambs, (usually twins) year after year after year.

Saute died in her sleep in August, 2020.
She was a super good ewe that produced
numerous ewes and rams. She belonged to
Asher who loved her and showed her at fairs
up into her senior years.

It is with heavy hearts, we have to tell folks
that Doreen has passed.
She was my absolute favorite ever ewe.
She was co-owned with our grandson Abram,
who asked me to get him a t-shirt with a
picture of her for his birthday.
We have mugs available for purchase
with her picture for $20.
Email and ask for a Doreen mug!

Anne saddly died in early June.
We sold all of her lambs.
Her death took us by surprise.
We planned to keep a ewe lamb
out of her that last year
She belonged to our grandson Isaiah.

CARLYN suddenly died in May.
She was also among my favorites.
She belonged to our grandson Noah.
She produced numerous sets of twin lambs
that Noah sold over the years.
She did a great job for us.
He kept her lamb Caramel who
Ended up being our logo sheep.

We didn't register all of these ewe's lambs, but here are the lists of those lambs we did register.

We register our sheep exclusively with the
North American Babydoll Southdown
Sheep Association and Registry

Our Babydoll Southdown Rams:

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