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Our registered Aberdeens include Dixie and her calves, NutMeg, Pepper, Sage, and Thyme. Marjoram recently died, but last year gave us a beautiful little heifer we call Coriander. Her orphan calf, born October, 2019 is LT's Little Buddy Basil. He is being bottle fed.
NutMeg and Pepper had bull calves this year, and NutMeg had a bull calf last year, so we will be able to soon fill our freezer.
We have one purebred Angus that is not registered, and are using a borrowed registered fullblood American Aberdeen bull, Rambling Red affectionately called "Red Bull" by our granddaughter.

We also have a small flock of about 40 Babydoll southdown sheep,
my faithful Aussies, Lilly, and Cedar.
our Welsh Mountain Pony, Maggie Mae had a filly, Dottie, who was sired by our original mini stud, McGiver, along with Dottie, we have our current mini stud, Teddy, another daughter of Maggie Mae, sired by Teddy, and a little yearling stud and this year's filly out of Dottie.
Our mini donkeys are Jack & Jill, and Jane. We have sold four little jacks and two jennies. Our equines are available for purchase.

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Click here to see Micah's Dog King, first time herding chickens
Come back often and check our progress.
If you are interested in Aussies, American Aberdeens, Southdown Sheep, Baby Doll
Southdown Sheep, Welsh Mountain Ponies,
or Shetland Ponies, we hope to do business with you in the near future!
The Anderson Family has a very diversified field of interests, and I invite
you to visit our websites and get to know us. Most of the links
are on the Anderson Brothers website
Our links are on the left hand margins of this web page.

Please enjoy the background song "Just Like Him" by our son, Mark Anderson.
It is a tribute to my dad; the Anderson's grandfather, "Pappa"
Walter C. Ferguson, Jr.
He was the last of the old time cowboys.
He died December 29, 1996, and we all still miss him greatly!

Pappa 1924- 1996
. Article in American Angus Journal
Article in WREN Cover Page
Article in WREN Page 1
Article in WREN Page 2
Article in WREN Page 3

Photos of Pappa and Gramma Ferguson

Enjoy the photos on this page and the links to the other pages.
Have a great day!
Anderson LT Car lot

Photos of our farm AKA "LouLouburg" near Louisburg
view from the air